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The l’Aldea Amazon in Curacao is awesome

The l’Aldea Amazon in Curacao is awesome


Being on the beach for a couple of days already, we wanted something different.

We decided to go to a very special place, the Amazon- jungle!
My hubby and I booked a tour and a dinner at l’Aldea. This place is a unique copy of the Amazon rainforest and its made on 4000 square meters in the area of St. Catharina. Continue reading

Pietermaai District – ‘The Latin Quarter of Curacao’

Pietermaai District – ‘The Latin Quarter of Curacao’

The Pietermaai District: One of the most coziest areas of Willemstad

Pietermaai District, is one of the areas of Willemstad, that has undertaken a huge make-over after a long period of neglect and abandonment. Pietermaai District is located in the lively center of Willemstad, never more than a few steps away from the ocean. Pietermaai is perhaps best known for it’s historical cultural value. It’s on the UNESCO’s ‘World heritage list’ and by now also the most popular neighborhood on the island!

Welcoming Hotspot With a Unique Atmosphere

It’s impossible to visit Curaçao without experiencing Pietermaai District. Much of what makes the island unique is captured in the atmosphere of these streets. Small shops, bars, restaurants & hotels have found their home in the Pietermaai District and together they create a lively, cozy and safe part of Willemstad-city. Not all the monuments are restored yet, but that is what gives Pietermaai that special vivid and raw edge. In short, the right location for people looking for something really different. At walking distance, you will find the world famous pontoon bridge, the famous ‘Handelskade’ and the districts of Punda and Otrobanda with it’s many museums and shops. Good restaurants, cozy cafes, and even a few beaches ensure a good time at any moment of the day. No wonder this lively part of town is called the new ‘Latin Quarter’ of Curaçao.

Pietermaai District has it

Looking for an unforgettable evening of dining beneath the stars? A combination of colonial hip-, and lounge style, Ginger mingles exotic spices and ingredients from Asia and the Caribbean. Or kick off your sandals and enjoy the sunset in a romantic setting at Scuba Lodge. Or enjoy a bit of the french jet-set feeling on lovely Curacao, at  Saint Tropez Ocean club. Bring your appetite and find your perfect spot at Pietermaai District.

Pietermaai Walk

Every Friday from 16.00 until 18.00 o’clock you can join the Pietermaai Walk. The guide will take you along the vibrant architecture, quaint shops, cozy bars and elegant restaurants lining the streets of Pietermaai District. See how history and urban renewal can successfully merge together. Experience the funky atmosphere only found in this area.

XXL Pagara Party

Are you considering visiting Curacao for a Christmas break and experience the great New Year’s celebrations on the island? Be prepared for a lot of fireworks, because in Curacao, the holiday season is all about fireworks. During the week before New Year’s Eve, locals as well as companies on the island, keep fireworks-shows all across the island. There’s nothing as exciting as New Year’s in Curacao. On December 31, New Year’s Eve, the Pietermaai District organizes the XXL Pagara Party with the longest ‘Pagara’ of the island. With the new year coming up, the ‘Pagaras’ are used as a fantastic farewell, with live music and plenty of food and drinks. The festivities in Pietermaai District begin at noon and most places keep their doors open long after midnight.

It’s impossible to visit Curaçao without experiencing Pietermaai District.




Netto Bar’s World Famous Ròm Bèrdè!

Netto Bar’s World Famous Ròm Bèrdè!

The Netto Bar, which dates back to 1954, is one of the oldest bars of Curacao and the home of the famous Ròm Bèrdè, Green Rum in Papiamento. It’s a staple libation among the men in Curacao, 100% homegrown and only founded on Curacao.

Founder of Netto Bar, Ernesto “Netto”, started producing the original and authentic Ròm Bèrdè when he was still a young boy. The bar has a hodgepodge of stickers, flags, banners, license plates and lights plastered all over the walls. Remarkably, the bar begins serving Green Rum to locals and tourists every day at 8 AM every day since 1954, presumably because well, it’s the Caribbean!

People used to drink Ròm Bèrdè from small glasses with an ear and a glass of water next to it. Nowadays clients drink it either with fresh coconut water, on the rocks or mixed with their favorite refreshment. You can also drink the famous Ròm Bèrdè mixed in one of the delicious cocktails. Located off the tourist path in the Otrobanda neighborhood of Willemstad, Netto Bar is a tiny hole-in-the-wall joint with a decidedly local flavor.

Visit Netto Bar just like Prins Willem Alexander in 1999 and our team from Curacao To Go, and experience its special atmosphere and off course, don’t forget to taste the “world famous” Ròm Bèrdè!
Netto Bar


The Plasa Bieu Local Food Experience

The Plasa Bieu Local Food Experience

Plasa Bieu is situated in the heart of Punda, in Willemstad. The place to find krioyo soul cooking; a wide range of local dishes. The six different operators located in Plasa Bieu are: Yvonne di Plasa, Chichi di Plasa, Grasia di Dios, Fung’s Kitchen, Kushina di Rignald and Zus di Plasa. Punda’s Cafetaria, also known as Marché Bieu: Old Market.

The ingredients are purchased on a daily bases to gurantee fresh, appetizing meals. Some of the favorite dishes are: stewed salted pork tails, bòkel (salted mackerel), kabes ku higra (head and liver stew), kadushi (cactus soup), bonchi kòra (red kidney bean soup) and Iguana soup. Dishes are served with rice and beans, funchi (polenta), mashed potatoes or french fries. Beware: the food can be pika pika (spicy)!

During your stay visit Plasa Bieu Curacao, wonder around and ask for the specialities and smell the aromas before ordering. While looking around, you will see satisfied expressions on the customers’ faces. Dishes vary from Nalf. 10 to Nafl. 20 depending on size and type of your meal. Plasa Bieu is open from Monday till Saturday during lunchtime.