Shari’s Choice

Bonita, the new beach club at Mambo Beach

So after the rush of the end of year festivities (and crazy amounts of traffic on Caracasbaai), the entrepreneurs on Curacao keep on ‘entrepreneuring’. We have heard about a new Cuban hangout in Pietermaai, a new Club in Scharloo, a Vintage bar and a new cocktail thing in Hilton. (oh, and then Starbucks Mambo closed, darn it)

But first, checkout Bonita Beach Club. It’s Hopi Bonita. Has nice furniture, nice staff, and it’s a new fresh addition to the Mambo Beach strip. And as if you HH-choices were not enough Bonita does Happy Hours on Friday starting at 17:30 and Sunday at 17h.

So that means your Friday-Mambo-Beach-HH stroll includes: Wet & Wild, Chill, Mood, Madero and now Bonita. Me thinks it’s time for a finely tuned drinking schedule!

So we wish the boys from Bonita a ‘PasaBon’ Negoshi and many happy, intoxicated beach-goers.

Go check it out, they also have coffee. 😉

PasaBon Weekend,

The Sopranos Sportsbar & Pizzeria

Looking for a new fave spot to grab a beer, party and watch sports? Then the Sopranos Sportsbar & Pizzeria is the place for you!

As you exit Brionplein and enter the Rif Fort you will find Sopranos on your right. During the day it’s thé place to have a cooling drink and watch a soccer or any kind of sports game. But the fun really begins when the evening hits: HAPPY HOUR!
Every Monday & Tuesday there’s a happy hour that ends up in being a party full of dancing. You’ll definitely make some worthwhile memories here.

Find all of Sopranos Sportsbar & Pizzeria’s weekly and unique events in the PasaBon. See you there!

Adventure Time!

One of my favorite thing to do every once in a while is visit Klein Curacao. It’s the perfect combo of adventure and relaxing. Here’s 3 reasons why you should visit Klein Curacao…

  1. A nice break
    If you live on Curacao it’s nice to have that little break and just go away for a bit. Going to Klein Curacao feels like you’re on vacation in a totally different place, without paying a large amount of money.
  2. Peace & quiet
    Since Klein Curacao is uninhabited you won’t have to deal with large crowds. If you’re in need of some peace & quiet, a day spend at Klein Curacao is worth your while.
  3. Fun
    I mean, what’s better than hopping on a boat with friends/family and having the time of your life? You sure won’t be bored on this day.

    Check out the Klein Curacao timetable in PasaBon to find out when and with what boat you want to go. Make your reservation and get ready for an awesome day. Who are you taking?



Favorite Restaurants

Who doesn’t love to have a good bite every now and then? ? Curaçao has many restaurants that each have their own setting and specialty. In case you’re in need of some food inspiration here are 3 of my favorite restaurants. ?

Limonchello by the Sea
I’m a sucker for Italian food; pasta, lasagne, pizza, you name it! What I love about Limonchello is that all of their ingredients are super fresh and the view you have is simply amazing. ?

Saint Tropez
Even though Saint Tropez is officially an Ocean Club, their restaurant is a must-try! On Wednesday’s they have an all-you-can-eat ribs night and well… they will make you wish it was Wednesday every day.?

Batik Asli
Step into the world of the Indonesian cuisine! Both original Indonesian meals and the famous Dutch ”rijsttafel” will be sure to savour your taste buds. If you’ve never been, you definitely should! ?

BETH – The Social Economic Market

Goodies, food, live music and a whole lot of fun! ? That’s what you’ll get this Saturday at BETH; a cheerful market right on Brionplein.

Brionplein will be turned into a place where family and friends can come together and enjoy some quality time. ? There will be several stands that sell local natural products, fashion, plants, food & drinks and creative crafts. For the kids there will be a special area where they can play and have fun. That means the perfect spot for all ages! Of course there will be some good music as well to create the bon vibes.

The BETH market will take place on Saturday July 7 from 16:00 – 21:00 at Brionplein.

Make sure you stop by and #supportyourlocals ??

HIT the Beach

It’s that time again; HITradio 915 & Zanzibar present the 2nd edition of HIT the Beach! A beach party with Curacao’s best artists performing live on stage. ?

Just like a day at the beach, this party has something for everyone. And in this case, a tune for everyone. ? Eva Luitsz, Aïsha Lucas, Andrew Aalse, Evita Ross and Rasta Farley are not uncommon names in the island’s party life. They will be there to make sure you have the best music to dance on, from pop to reggae to funk. ?

HIT the beach will take place on Friday June 29, from 19:00 – 23:00 at Zanzibar Beach.

The night starts off with a Corona happy hour until 21:00 and there will be a delicious mojito bar. ??
Are you ready to turn up!?

Club Red Classy Bubbling

If you’re a real Bubbling King/Queen then this is a party you do not want to miss! Omundo’s Club Red ? is going all out this Friday because no one other than DJ Moortje from Holland will turn up the place. And not only that… Menasa will be there giving us a sneak preview of his set at Tomorrowland ’18. ?  Ladies wear your heels and gents leave the sneakers at home; this is classy vibes only.

The party takes place Thursday 9 June from 22:00-03:00 at Omundo.

Invite your friends and make it a night you’ll never forget! ?



Punda Vibes Government Edition

Whether you go for the dancing, live music in one of the café’s or the market at Gomezplein, Thursdays become more fun at Punda Thursday Vibes. ? And this week it’s a special edition because the government will be present as well. ?? You can attend the democratic dialogue regarding the future of Sha Caprileskade at Plaza Jojo Correa. Or head over to Wilhelminapark for the information night about GMN.

If you want to know more about important matters of Curaçao, Punda is the place to be this Thursday 31 May from 18:00-21:00. Will you be there?


Support Curaçao’s Culinary Team!

Don’t you just love a cook out? I know I do… ?  Or better yet, how about a 3-course dinner menu prepared by Curaçao’s Culinary Team? The team will prepare that same menu to compete during the ‘Taste of the Caribbean’ competition in Miami next month. So you might just be tasting what could become the best Caribbean menu of 2018! ?

The cook out will take place on May 28 from 19:00 – 22:00 at Mosa Restaurant. For reservations call +5999 4651005.
Support the Curaçao Culinary Team and savour your taste buds! ?

Grand Café De Heeren

Grand Café De Heeren

One place where I really like to go to is Grandcafé De Heeren. Whether it’s to have a nice dinner or just consume some drinks over live music. This place has the right ambiance when you’re looking for something casual and definitely not too high end. I especially love their salad and pasta nights. I mean, who doesn’t like to spend half price on a delicious dinner? The dancing lovers can even stay until late to get in some moves. De Heeren is without a doubt one of my favorite spots!

Wednesday’s 9 Dot 5 @CabanaBeach

Wednesday’s 9 Dot 5 @CabanaBeach

I don’t go to a lot of parties, but when I do I make sure it’s a good one. Cabana’s 9 Dot 5 on Wednesday’s is without a doubt a week breaker. Since it’s on the beach it kind of has that mini festival feeling to it. And the live music by Gino & Friends just does it for me. If you’re looking for a good night out, 9 Dot 5 at Cabana Beach is the place to be. See you there! #TurnUp





Floatfest 2017

Floatfest 2017

What’s better than a party at the beach…? A party at sea of course! This Monday Dolfijn FM will host one of the biggest parties at sea: Floatfest. What a great way to start a new month and party like there’s no tomorrow. There will be a Dolfijn FM stage on the water where the DJ’s will provide some hot tunes. It will be a day full of water shenanigans, drinks, and bon vibes. It’s time to grab our swimsuits and floaties because this Monday’s Floatfest will be epic. #WaterParty


Matt Simons @ Rock Beach

Matt Simons @ Rock Beach

Yeah! They are opening up a Rock Beach again, for one night! To me, Rock Beach is famous for the great nights out and LIVE entertainment on the beach. The venue will transform into a remarkable unplugged session with the singer famous for the song ‘’Catch & Release’’, MATT SIMONS. This promises to be a night to remember. Thanks to Shout Productions for bringing another headliner to our island. Rock Beach can be found behind Blue Bird Café.

Wet & Wild 20 Year Anniversary Festival

Wet & Wild 20 Year Anniversary Festival

They must be doing a great job, since I have no clue which bar exists longer on this island. Of course I am talking about the world famous beach club Wet ‘n Wild! And guess what, they are celebrating a very special day. They started out with a palapa and a jug on the beach and grew to a world famous party place, which is a must-go-to, whether you live here or are on vacation. For 20 years they have been delivering nights to remember with friends who turned into family, and mornings that turned into hangovers.  They are adding a festivity to this weekends’ line-up you can’t miss out on. Definitely, I will celebrate this special day with them. Are you joining?




Museo di Tula @ Landhuis Kenepa

Museo di Tula @ Landhuis Kenepa

Playa Kenepa is one the famous beaches among the West side of Curacao. But there’s more to see then just the beach. For the history lovers a visit to Landhuis Kenepa is a must. This is where the Tula Museum is located. Learn all about Curacao’s slavery history and about Tula, a former slave and hero who led the revolt of 1795. See the objects that were used in Curacaoan households and if you participate in the tour you might even play a little bit of local music yourself! #CuracaoHistory


Full Moon Party XXL

Full Moon Party XXL

Every month there is this remarkable festivity at Kokomo Beach. Where the weekdays and Sundays are normally extremely chill there, once a month the venue transforms in a real party place. Of course we are talking about the – by now legendary – Full Moon Party. This month they are celebrating their 5th anniversary and since I was there when it all started, I sure don’t want to miss out on this one! This XXL version of the Full Moon party promises to be one of the biggest bangs on the beach you have ever seen! It will be epic, so see you there!


Heineken Snèk after work

Heineken Snèk after work

When a full day of work has tired you a bit, it’s a great idea to avoid the traffic jam and grab one or two beers at the Snèk! Located at the Caracasbaai, you can find this friendly place where they serve cold beers and delicious pastechi’s. Prices are sweet and so are the people! The Local Snack (a.k.a Heineken Snèk) is open daily. When home doesn’t call yet, it’s a great spot to delay dinnertime! Drinks are always served with happy hour prices. And if you really don’t feel like cooking after? The “Friethuis” is right next door!


Iguana Cafe

Iguana Cafe

You only really feel like you’re in Curacao when watching the sun set over the Queen Emma Bridge in downtown Punda. And what better place to do so than at Iguana Café? Sipping cocktails, bites, a soft breeze, and a wonderful view… Oh, and on Saturday’s you can feel the tropical vibes with some live music. Of course there’s a daily happy hour from 18.00h till 20.00h . Iguana Café is my go-to spot when I want to unwind at the end of the day. And with all the coloured houses of Otrobanda as my view, I’m glad to be in Curacao! #SunsetTime


Friday Happy Hour @ Chill 18.00-19.00

Friday Happy Hour @ Chill 18.00-19.00

I guess they call it happiness. When the clock hits 5 on Friday. And then, feet in the sand and a beer in the hand. What’s not to love; the drinks are cold, the sand is warm and the palm trees will be waving gently. The Caribbean vibe, celebrate the weekend with friends. Definitely, you will find me there.


Daily Happy Hour @ Miles Jazz Cafe

Daily Happy Hour @ Miles Jazz Cafe

One of my favorite bars is located in the Pietermaai District, which as a whole has plenty to offer when you want to have a lovely night out. Sitting at the bar with Hans, Martin, Robbin and/or Sanne is just a blast. These guys serve the coldest beers in town, and the finest Jazz music on Vynl. Trumpets, Jazzy tunes and lovely voices are coming out of the speakers. The personal touch makes leaving even harder… Miles has a daily happy hour from 17.30 to 18.30 and makes for a perfect spot to start the rest of your evening out. This week, you will definitely find me here, right before (and after) viewing the highly anticipated movie Double Play with my friends. Ayo!


Beach club Cabana

Beach club Cabana

Cabana, een beachclub zoals het hoort te zijn.

Overdag heerlijk genieten op het strand bij Cabana. Op zo’n lekker strandbedje, in de schaduw van een palmboom. Zonnebril op je neus, cocktail in de hand. Ja, ik kom hier graag met mijn gezin. De perfecte manier om het weekend door te komen. De kinderen spelen lekker in het water, terwijl mijn vriend en ik van het zonnetje genieten.

Cabana is een beachclub aan het Sea-Aquarium strand, en heeft een eigen parkeerplaats. Je betaalt wel een klein bedrag om gebruik te mogen maken van het strand en de strandbedjes, maar daar krijg je service voor terug.

Lunchen en dineren op het strand.

Tijdens zo’n stranddagje nemen we rond het middaguur natuurlijk ook een lunch. Ik vind het heerlijk om op het strand te lunchen. Cabana heeft een uitgebreide lunchkaart. Voor de kinderen bestellen we meestal een ‘Panini’, want die gaat er altijd goed in. Zelf neem ik graag een van de salades.

We hebben hier ook wel eens ‘s avonds gegeten. Je hebt hier leuke dinerspecials zoals de fishmarket op vrijdag, waar je zelf je verse vis uitzoekt en deze wordt dan voor je klaar gemaakt. Erg lekker is dat! Op zondag heb je ook nog een steakmarket, wat het zelfde principe is, maar dan dus met steak.

Drankjes en gezelligheid bij Cabana.

De bekendste avond van Cabana is de woensdagavond. Elke week opnieuw komen veel toeristen, stagiaires en mensen die op het eiland wonen samen, om het midden van de week te vieren. Voor toeristen is dit absoluut ‘the place to be’ op woensdagavond, wil je wat mee krijgen van het uitgaansleven op Curacao. Vanaf een uurtje of 11 begint het druk te worden en gaat het volume van de muziek omhoog.


Dus voor een heerlijke relaxte dag op het strand kan ik je zeker Cabana aanbevelen. En wil je uitgaan zoals je dat op een tropisch eiland verwacht, dan is de woensdagavond zeker ook aan te raden. Dansen op het strand onder de sterrenhemel. Erg leuk om mee te maken.


Wekelijkse events


Woensdag 21.30 – Nine dot five

Vernoemd naar de sprankelende wijn Astoria’s 9.5 die deze avond voor een speciale prijs te krijgen is. Deze avond is er live muziek en kun je relaxen in het lounge gedeelte of dansen op de dansvloer.

9.5 cabana woensdag avond

Vrijdag 19.00 – Fish market

Zoek je eigen stukje vis uit en laat deze live bereiden om deze vervolgens te nuttigen met een lekker glaasje wijn onder het genot van live muziek


Zondag 15.00 tot 18.00 – Mojito bar

Mojito’s drinken op het strand en dat voor maar nafl 7.50 per mojito, dat kan op zondagmiddag. Van 17.00 tot 18.00 is het happy hour en zijn de drankjes voor de halve prijs.


Zondag 19.00 – Steak market

Je kan zelf een stukje steak uitzoeken en de kok gaat deze live bereiden voor jou. Ook deze avond is er live entertainment aanwezig.






Netto Bar’s World Famous Ròm Bèrdè!

Netto Bar’s World Famous Ròm Bèrdè!

The Netto Bar, which dates back to 1954, is one of the oldest bars of Curacao and the home of the famous Ròm Bèrdè, Green Rum in Papiamento. It’s a staple libation among the men in Curacao, 100% homegrown and only founded on Curacao.

Founder of Netto Bar, Ernesto “Netto”, started producing the original and authentic Ròm Bèrdè when he was still a young boy. The bar has a hodgepodge of stickers, flags, banners, license plates and lights plastered all over the walls. Remarkably, the bar begins serving Green Rum to locals and tourists every day at 8 AM every day since 1954, presumably because well, it’s the Caribbean!

People used to drink Ròm Bèrdè from small glasses with an ear and a glass of water next to it. Nowadays clients drink it either with fresh coconut water, on the rocks or mixed with their favorite refreshment. You can also drink the famous Ròm Bèrdè mixed in one of the delicious cocktails. Located off the tourist path in the Otrobanda neighborhood of Willemstad, Netto Bar is a tiny hole-in-the-wall joint with a decidedly local flavor.

Visit Netto Bar just like Prins Willem Alexander in 1999 and our team from Curacao To Go, and experience its special atmosphere and off course, don’t forget to taste the “world famous” Ròm Bèrdè!
Netto Bar