Parties & Live Music


wed18dec17:30FeaturedAvila Laid BackSparkling tunes w/ Aisha Lucas17:30 SchoonerBar - at AvilaFlavor:Parties & Live Music

wed18dec19:3022:30FeaturedUBS: Cliantha Klooster!Back to the (unplugged) 80's and 90's with some Soul, funk and ballads. In the setting of firetorches, a campfire, pillows and recliners under the stars19:30 - 22:30 Zanzibar Beach & Restaurant CuracaoFlavor:HolidayXL,Parties & Live Music,Recommended

wed18dec(dec 18)21:00thu19(dec 19)02:00FeaturedPre-Xmas : Cabana Invites: DJ BiggiEvery so x months Biggi hits the decks at Cabana, drawing a dedicated following. On this pre-christmas wednesday already many tourists and home-coming students are ready to throw a party. This is the place! and also with the live tunes by Gino & his (lady) friends and Dj Alain. "gezellig" (ask your dutchy friends what it means) Dinner before? reserve at 465 1589 • Happy hour from 22-23h • Vip Table Hotline: 517 2043 • Free entrance until 22h - Ang 10,- after21:00 - 02:00 (19) Cabana BeachFlavor:HolidayXL,Parties & Live Music,Recommended

fri20dec17:30FeaturedWild Wild FridaysHappy Hour 17.30-19h & DJ Carlito behind the decks17:30 Wet & Wild Beach ClubFlavor:Parties & Live Music

fri20dec(dec 20)23:00sat21(dec 21)04:00FeaturedTsiky - By Round Table | Club SugarAfrohouse party and fundraiser w/ the taste of Tsiky, a rum-bse cocktail w/ local products. Dj lineup: Afrotura (Nl), Menasa, Alex Sargo& Dj Fab23:00 - 04:00 (21) Club SugarFlavor:Parties & Live Music

sat21dec16:0023:00FeaturedKaya Kaya Street Party - 4th editionThe barrio of Ser'i Otrobanda comes alive with several live music stages in the streets, Dj Booths, Open House art expositions, food & drink stands and a big crowd of merry and happy party go-ers16:00 - 23:00 Kaya Kaya PartyFlavor:Festival,Parties & Live Music,Recommended

sat21dec18:30FeaturedLatin Trumpet vibesw/ Carlos Gonsalez18:30 SchoonerBar - at AvilaFlavor:Parties & Live Music

sat21dec(dec 21)21:00sun22(dec 22)04:00FeaturedHennessexy December VibesSanta themed clubnight w/ cognac specials for the connoisseurs 21:00 - 04:00 (22) Emporio CuracaoFlavor:Parties & Live Music,Recommended

tue24dec(dec 24)22:00wed25(dec 25)03:00FeaturedNoche BuenaDance on Xmas eve w/ Ephrem J & Band, DJ Q & Surprise DJ22:00 - 03:00 (25) OmundoFlavor:Christmas Parties 2019,Parties & Live Music

wed25dec(dec 25)17:00FeaturedHollandse Avond - Dutch NightThis is a dutch party, w/ NL music only, bites, w/ Richard Ilario Live, 18-21h and Joris Reer behind the decks from 21h onwards - HH starts at 17h17:00 De HeerenFlavor:Parties & Live Music

wed25dec19:3022:30FeaturedUnplugged Beach Sessions: Rasta Farley's Christmas EditionSo this is chrismassy Reggae tunes on the beach. Farley sets the stage in an intimate acoustic setting, with the audience seated or lounging w/ pillows and recliners under the Curacao stars and the breeze of the sea. With a campfire and torches for the finishing touch. #reggaealert #unplugged19:30 - 22:30 Zanzibar Beach & Restaurant CuracaoFlavor:Christmas Parties 2019,HolidayXL,Parties & Live Music,Recommended

thu26dec20:0023:00FeaturedThe ultimate Beachparty with Gino & FriendsGino knows what you really want, and really really want to dance to. And then his friends, they can sing, very well. In the gorgeuous beach setting from the Beachclub, under the stars, the breeze. It's a memory in the making. Oh, and free admission.20:00 - 23:00 PapagayoFlavor:Christmas Parties 2019,HolidayXL,Parties & Live Music,Recommended

thu26dec(dec 26)20:00fri27(dec 27)01:00FeaturedNasses und Wildes - Apres Ski PartyAnother form of white christmas, with beers and shots and the only german DJ on Curacao, Alain. Expect the DJ's Alain, Fai-Oz & Sento and the occasional Lederhosen and Bier Dirndl. And "Das Gluckliche Stunde" from 21h - 22h. Spitze!20:00 - 01:00 (27) Wet & Wild Beach ClubFlavor:HolidayXL,NYE Parties 2019,Parties & Live Music,Recommended

fri27dec(dec 27)21:00sat28(dec 28)03:00FeaturedThe Lounge - End Of Year Edition 2019Woop, this Big latin, Groove and Eclectic party is for all the dancelovers at the trendy Pagagayo Beach Club, a night out in style. 3 area's w/ #1 Latin Lovers: K'ribe Band, Dj Beetz, Dj Rudsel& Dj Chris, #2 Funky Groove: Dj Mitch Devtiq, Dj Mr. Cash & Dj Juice, #3 Eclectic Beatz: Dj Dorene Woodz, Dj Maria De La O & Dj Wynsel21:00 - 03:00 (28) The Lounge CuracaoFlavor:Christmas 2019,Christmas Parties 2019,Parties & Live Music,Recommended

sat28dec20:3023:00FeaturedParanda di fin di aña 2019named: "Ambiente p'un kaba!" w/ Election man of the year, Subi stage, Mojito bar and food corner, music with a touch of nostalgia w/ Dibo D, Rich Pieter & Yumarya Grijt20:30 - 23:00 Landhuis Brakkeput Mei MeiFlavor:Christmas 2019,Christmas Parties 2019,Parties & Live Music

sun29dec(dec 29)22:00mon30(dec 30)04:00FeaturedBohemian ChicIconic party w/ the QSign Mellowstreet crooners, Icons : Dju Dju V, Hunneley, AmoreusZ, Stevens Daniel, Quincy, TSeaN & Raydrey & Dj Ro122:00 - 04:00 (30) World Trade Center CuraçaoFlavor:Christmas 2019,Christmas Parties 2019,Parties & Live Music,Recommended

tue31dec12:0022:00FeaturedPagara Party XXLWitness potentially the biggest Pagara being lit on the island, covering several 100 meters through the Pietermaai district all the way into Punda. Starting at noon, this giant firecracker is probly lit around 14h CMT, could be later, it is "Caribbean Mean Time" after all. Find 1000's of locals and tourist roaming the streets, greeting friends with drinks in hand, pacing themselves to last until the NYE parties after 22h. a free event12:00 - 22:00 Pietermaai District CuraçaoFlavor:HolidayXL,Pagaras 2019,Parties & Live Music,Recommended

tue31dec17:0020:00FeaturedKome's NYE ExtravaganzaThe whole Pietermaai is booming on New Years day, but Kome's is throwing a big party from 17h onwards. Foodstations, their crew of regular DJ's & entertainment and fireworks at 19h. "Bin Kome, Bin Baile" as the locals say. • Tickets Ang 65,- in advance only17:00 - 20:00 Kome RestaurantFlavor:HolidayXL,NYE Parties 2019,Parties & Live Music,Recommended

tue31dec20:00FeaturedTino Martin New Years EveMadero managed to secure Netherlands' hottest artist, Tino Martin with sold out stadiums and hits such as 'zij weet het' which became platinum in sept 2019. This is by far the classiest event and venue to enter into a new year Regular tickets @Ang 100,- and VIP available, online via Madero Ocean Club CuraçaoFlavor:HolidayXL,NYE Parties 2019,Parties & Live Music,Recommended

tue31dec22:00FeaturedNYE at ZestIn tradition this party at Jan Thiel Beach draws a large audience entering into 2020 with free entrance and fireworks at 12. With "Mr. Soulgroove" Ruud Zegwaart & Dj Paco behind the decks this party is a sure bet.22:00 Zest CuracaoFlavor:HolidayXL,NYE Parties 2019,Parties & Live Music,Recommended

tue31decwed01janFeaturedWet & Wilder 2020 CelebrationW&W's NYE party comes with the "all-u-drink" tradition and the energized DJ's Fai OZ, Alain & Carlito. The open bar + DJ combi traditionally always draws a big crowd. Did we mention the fireworks ?22:00 - (january 1) 04:00 Wet & Wild Beach ClubFlavor:HolidayXL,NYE Parties 2019,Parties & Live Music,Recommended

sat14dec(dec 14)20:00Spicy Margarita NightAirco, Margarita at a good price, DJ and HH from 18-19 & 21-22h 20:00 BlackjackFlavor:Parties & Live Music

sat14dec(dec 14)22:00sun15(dec 15)04:00Naughty Urbano Saturdays at Mojito's & BitesOk, Mojito's is normally naughty, but in december a little bit more, w/ shots from the shotgirls and DJ Carlito & Mc Hype22:00 - 04:00 (15) Mojito's & BitesFlavor:Christmas Parties 2019,Parties & Live Music,Recommended

sun15dec10:0018:00Fuik You - Boat Partypre-fuikdag party w/ Dj's & booze 10:00 - 18:00 Blue C WatersportsFlavor:Parties & Live Music

sun15dec12:00Sunday Family DayBeachday w/ Live music, DJ and happy hour from 17-18h12:00 Kokomo beach CuracaoFlavor:Parties & Live Music Event Tagsbeachparty

sun15dec13:00Spoil Me SundaysSparkling wines & Sushi from 13:00 - 22:00 & DJ on the beach13:00 PapagayoFlavor:Parties & Live Music Event TagsDineAndDance Movie Details:

sun15dec13:00Amazing SundaysLive DJ, Grill Masters on the beach. Mojito HH from 15-17h13:00 Cabana BeachFlavor:Parties & Live Music

sun15dec13:00Happy Eppie & BandLive music on a westpunt sunday afternoon 13:00 Jaanchie'sFlavor:Parties & Live Music

sun15dec15:30Sunday ChillBeachday w/ Tropical Steelband at 15:30h and hh at 17h15:30 Blue Bay CuraçaoFlavor:Parties & Live Music

sun15dec17:00Beach Happy Hour @BonitaSunday's Happy Hour & BBQ Snacks at Mambo Beach17:00 Bonita Beach ClubFlavor:Happy Hours,Parties & Live Music Movie Details:

sun15dec17:00Pizza DealOne daily Pizza special17:00 The Sopranos Curaçao SportsBar & PizzeriaFlavor:Parties & Live Music

sun15dec18:00Green Egg ReggaeWith music by Rasta Farley18:00 Koraal Event Organized By: Rasta Farley Flavor:Parties & Live Music

sun15dec18:0023:00Sip & Sing KaraokeShine at the Poolside, w/ cash prize for the best singer18:00 - 23:00 Floris SuiteFlavor:Parties & Live Music,Recommended

sun15dec18:00Sunny SundazeHappy hour 18-19h and 21-22h with DJ Fai Oz18:00 Wet & Wild Beach ClubFlavor:Parties & Live Music Event Tagsbeachparty

sun15dec18:00Poolbar Karaoke NightSip & Sing, & Shine, cash prize for best singer18:00 Floris SuiteFlavor:Parties & Live Music

sun15dec19:00Los CompadresLive Salsa & Merengue music at the beach19:00 Hemingway Beach Bar & RestaurantFlavor:Parties & Live Music Event TagsDineAndDance Movie Details:

sun15dec22:00Sunday de RumbaLatin music night by VDJ Luigi22:00 GreenhouseFlavor:Parties & Live Music

mon16dec18:0002:30Just opened: Captain's Sportsbar & Grillwatch sports or play Pool in this new venue at Parera18:00 - 02:30 Captain's Sportsbar & GrillFlavor:Parties & Live Music,Recommended

mon16dec20:00Handelskade PubQuizWeekly Pubquiz, in dutch and english20:00 Dock Bar & KitchenFlavor:Parties & Live Music Movie Details:

mon16dec20:00Tequila Monday'sSpecial tequila deals and Shisha's (on a monday!!) w/ Dj Iski & Tonito20:00 Emporio CuracaoFlavor:Parties & Live Music

mon16dec22:00Horeca Club Nightw/ DJ Luigi behind the decks & 2-for-1's between 23-00h22:00 The Sopranos Curaçao SportsBar & PizzeriaFlavor:Parties & Live Music

tue17dec19:00Easy tunesw/ Tico Roberto19:00 De Heeren Event Organized By: Tico Roberto - Pianoman Flavor:Parties & Live Music

tue17dec19:00Ladies NightBy law the only night ladies are allowed to enter. The show starts at 23h19:00 Campo AlegreFlavor:Parties & Live Music

tue17dec19:0021:00Iguana Live Musicambiente on the handelskade19:00 - 21:00 Iguana CafeFlavor:Parties & Live Music

tue17dec20:00Tango BizarroTango show w/ Rafael Oleana and his partner.20:00 Mundo BizarroFlavor:Parties & Live Music Event Tagsdancing Movie Details:

tue17dec21:00Karaoke NightSing & Drink some on Tue, Fri, Sat21:00 Café Tap Maar InFlavor:Parties & Live Music

tue17dec21:00Red Cups TuesdayUnlimited HH 21-22h w/ DJ Sento & MC Don T21:00 27 CuracaoFlavor:Parties & Live Music Movie Details:

tue17dec21:30Latin Dance VibesDance 'n party with DJ Con Clase & 2-for-1 from 21:00 to 22:0021:30 The Sopranos Curaçao SportsBar & PizzeriaFlavor:Happy Hours,Parties & Live Music

tue17dec22:00Tilt Latin NightLatin tunes by DJ Atley Lucia, Michelada's and live dancers22:00 Tilt CocktailbarFlavor:Parties & Live Music

tue17dec22:00Tuesday LifestyleLive entertainment by JJ, Randy & Ray22:00 OmundoFlavor:Parties & Live Music

wed18dec17:00Hookah NightTry the special Shisha deals17:00 The Sopranos Curaçao SportsBar & PizzeriaFlavor:Parties & Live Music

wed18dec19:0023:00Retro Legends DJ's & happy hourCaptains starts with a weekly event DJ's back in time19:00 - 23:00 Captain's Sportsbar & GrillFlavor:Parties & Live Music

wed18dec19:00Cocktail night Shelterrock ParadiseIt's famous bartenders serve a mean cocktail19:00 Shelterrock ParadiseFlavor:Parties & Live Music

wed18dec20:0023:00The 27 Experience ft. Roadhouse AcousticFood & the tunes by John vocals, Robbert keys & Gregory percussion20:00 - 23:00 27 CuracaoFlavor:Parties & Live Music

wed18dec(dec 18)20:00The 27 ExperienceRock'n Ribs Rock request by MC Castillo and everchanging live gigs + happy hour 21-22h20:00 27 CuracaoFlavor:Parties & Live Music

wed18dec20:00Rebels Wednesday'sEver changing DJ's and 2for1 HH 22-00h20:00 Madero Ocean Club CuraçaoFlavor:Parties & Live Music

wed18dec21:00- 9.5 - Dance & DineThe biggest Wednesday party with Gino & Friends, DJ Alain & premium happy hour 22-23h21:00 Cabana BeachFlavor:Parties & Live Music Event TagsDineAndDance

wed18dec21:00Karaoke NightYou be the rockstar, w/ DJ Emsley Janga w/ hh 22-23h21:00 Grand Cafe Mahaai Event Organized By: Rasta Farley Flavor:Parties & Live Music

wed18dec22:00AfterWednesday afterparty w/ Dylan V22:00 Club VanillaFlavor:Parties & Live Music

wed18dec(dec 18)22:0090's JamDJ Requests and hh 23-00h22:00 Mojito's & BitesFlavor:Parties & Live Music

thu19dec17:00Two Hours of Happinessw/ DJ Dorene Woodz 'manning' the decks, HH 17-19h with pizza & bites and beerbucket specials17:00 Dive CityFlavor:Happy Hours,Parties & Live Music Movie Details:

thu19dec18:00Margarita's SpecialRegular & flavored Margarita's at happy hour prices18:00 The Sopranos Curaçao SportsBar & PizzeriaFlavor:Happy Hours,Parties & Live Music

thu19dec19:00Salsa Bizarro presents: Salsa SessionsLive salsa dancing w/ Arnell Salsbach i Orkesta19:00 Mundo BizarroFlavor:Parties & Live Music Movie Details:

thu19dec19:00Mojito NightBowling & Mojito's, wicked!19:00 Strike Zone BowlingFlavor:Parties & Live Music Movie Details:

thu19dec20:00Mojito's In HavanaMojitos w/ Dolce Band live & Dj LG & Beetz20:00 Emporio CuracaoFlavor:Parties & Live Music

thu19dec20:00Gino & FriendsDance w/ the pianoman20:00 Papagayo Event Organized By: Gino & Friends Flavor:Parties & Live Music

thu19dec20:00Live Jazz NightOceanfront Jazz & Blues, the authentic20:00 Blues Bar & RestaurantFlavor:Parties & Live Music

thu19dec(dec 19)20:00TGIT Thank God It's ThursdayDj Carlito at this new venue, entrance w/ HH's 21-22h & 00-0h20:00 The Happy BBQ PlaceFlavor:Parties & Live Music

thu19dec20:00Pure Muse.ic on stageLive jazz, Soul & lounge music20:00 Rif Fort Event Organized By: Pure Muse.ic Flavor:Parties & Live Music

thu19dec20:30Movie Night on the beachFree popcorn, drinks & a good movie20:30 Cabana BeachFlavor:Parties & Live Music Movie Details:

thu19dec21:00Kome Social ClubOn thursday Kome invites its clientele to a social gathering, a new concept of dance music and a gettogether for social beings. With the better liquors, Master DJ Schakel and the wiser crowd its worth checking out. Thursday from 21h till later • 80s & 90s hits • 30+ crowd • Happy Hour 21-22h21:00 Kome RestaurantFlavor:Christmas Parties 2019,HolidayXL,Parties & Live Music,Recommended

thu19dec21:00Reggae NightsMusic by Rasta Farley & Inity Band w/ hh 21-22h21:00 Grand Cafe Mahaai Event Organized By: Rasta Farley Flavor:Parties & Live Music Event TagsJamaica

thu19dec22:00Shisha nightspecials on the Hookahs22:00 Le'Ciel Hookah Lounge CuracaoFlavor:Parties & Live Music