PasaBon Update January 2017

Thanks to our Clients

Before we announce anything else we wish to thank our new clients that have expressed their trust in the quality and reach of the Pasabon platform. Without them it would not be possible to provide Curaçao with all the events, movies, things to do and activities.
A big thank you to Insulinde, Oporto, B-Diving, Matsuri, El Mexicano, Kokomo, Hajimaru, Batik Asli, Pizza Mare, Vita, Dushi Deals, Panache, Bloempot Shopping Center, Mambo BLVD and NHA Caribbean

New Displays

Last friday we presented our new displays to the public, making sure you will always know where to find your new copy. Made from Wood, Steel and Acryl it combines a modern look with the Island feel. You will see them popup on the island in the coming weeks.

The new PasaBon Android App

Now all owners of an Android phone can download the PasaBon app and check where what is happening.

So far

Last week’s Paper edition was our 10th, and the feedback we receive from readers is 100% positive, it is safe to say that PasaBon is here to stay and has grown from a humble email newsletter in 2013 to the full platform it is today.