PasaBon Business Update

Positive response all around

Today, December 21, we are starting the delivery of the 4th edition of the PasaBon Paper. The response to the Paper has been overwhelming sofar. It seems Curacao was ready for this, an accurate overview of events and activities.With the absence of similar publications in the last 5 months the public and advertisers have welcomed the PasaBon Paper with it’s glossy appearance and heavy paper quality, allowing for a solid presentation of the information and quality advertising space. Now with our capable team we are working to maintain and provide quality, accurate information and offer continuity.

About PasaBon Paper

At the moment PasaBon Paper contains the following recurring sections: Live Music, Parties, Let’s Dance, Happy Hours, Movies, Foodspiration, Funshopping and various outdoor and tourist activities. Everything you need for free time well spent.

Where available ?

As of today we can boast over 336 locations where PasaBon Paper can be picked up each Wednesday. Or you may read or download the ePaper version here.

The display holders have arrived

We just received our PasaBon displays so you may find the weekly Paper in a more recognizable spot. We’ll be rolling out those in the next few weeks.

Online & Printed

PasaBon is available everywhere and anytime. With less space restrictions a wider range of events can be found on and in the upcoming app. We also have included the Paper for download in the weekly newsletter.

So what is PasaBon ?

  • It is, with 6.000 weekly visitors, and growing
  • It is the PasaBon Facebook page, reaching and targeting an audience of 12.000
  • It is the PasaBon Weekend newsletter, with near 10.000 subscribers, since 2013
  • It is the PasaBon Paper, circulation 10.000 copies, in 336 locations
  • And the PasaBon App is due for completion before Christmas 2016

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more content and improvements.

Team Curacao Media, Publishers of Curacao To Go Trave Guide and PasaBon Event Guide